On November 5, 2007, Jinny got keys to their new building in Niles, IL. The total square feet is 151,000 with 24 foot ceilings. With all the effort by Jinny staff members, they have successful moved completely into their much bigger, newer building on December 17, 2007.
chicago_nilesScott Jhin, who will be in charge of the Chicago operation, stated, “I am looking forward to being back in Jinny; this is where I belong.” He added, “We will change some of the things that Chicago lacked and try our best to make all departments as strong as possible in 2008”.

Eddie Jhin, said, “As I have stated before, numerous times, this move to the newer and bigger building, and at the same time, bringing my brother into our comany, was a great idea from the start. There are things that we must learn from one another because there are things that he is good at that I am not, and vice versa. Now in 2008, I am glad that I can focus on other regions that I have not concentrated on as much as I should have done.”
Ann Jhin (CEO of Jinny) stated, “I am so happy to have my two boys join hands like this. I am sure that if my husband was around, he would be very shocked, but also very happy and proud deep inside. All I know is that I want to thank all of our Jinny United staff members for their hard work this year. We started in Chicago JBS in January, then to Miami JBS in May, then it was time for Dallas on August 15th with the opening on October 29th, and then we started on November 5th in Chicago, and completed the move on December 17th of this year.” “Most companies cannot even finish one grand opening in a year, but we have completed four grand openings since January and finished them all in one year. This is something that is remarkable and I am very proud of both my sons.”