At Home Ombre

Love the Ombre look? Well look no further, you can now create the look yourself! We have created an easy tutorial on how to master the perfect Ombre at home. This creative look has been seen with all types of colors incorporated in it, so let your imagination come to life by creating your perfect Ombre!


Silver Lining

Silver is all the rage and you don’t want to miss out on the perfect Silver Lining look this season! This exclusive tutorial video shows you how to color extensions and use them in creating a killer look! The Silver lining looks pops, but is so interchangeable with the extensions that the options become endless!


Split Personality

We love our split personality look, because let’s be real, we all have a split personality from time to time. If you are creative and daring with your hair vibes, then this look will be perfect for you! Can’t narrow down your color selection to one? Pick your favorite two vibrant colors that best represent you and learn how in this video to create a side by side vibrant creation that will stop everyone in their tracks.