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2019 VIP Show in Miami

The 7th Annual VIP International Trade Show

The 4th of August marked the 7th Annual VIP international Trade Show in Miami. As expected, the show was a huge success with 75+ VIP accounts gathered together in one space.


Purchasers Attend Cosmoprof in Las Vegas

There is no better place to help grow our vendor relationships than Las Vegas

The Cosmoprof North America (CPNA) Show is the leading B2B beauty exhibition in the Americas, recognized for its dynamic growth and unique programs. The event offers the entire industry an opportunity to come together, make new relationships, and foster collaborations.

Over the three day event, the Jinny purchasing department met with existing vendors to discuss strategies, promotions, planning future growth. When not meeting with existing vendors, the purchasers walk the floor to find new products and vendors and exciting opportunities.

Cosmoprof North America (CPNA) furthered its reputation as the leading B2B beauty trade show by introducing revolutionary technologies and forward-thinking programs at the 2018 event, held annually at Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas. Over 40,000 attendees engaged with a record-breaking 1,415 exhibitors from 56 countries to discover unique brand launches, product innovations, new channels for distribution, packaging, and manufacturing; and to form key relationships with top industry professionals and retailers. The three-day event, which takes place under one roof encompass all sectors of the beauty industry.


Top Sales Reps Meet in New Orleans

The biggest vendors from the beauty industry engage our top sales reps down on Bourbon Street.

In the heart of New Orleans, Jinny Beauty Supply held its 2019 Sales Meeting on June 8th and 9th. The world’s largest multicultural and ethnic beauty supply distributor hosted two days of intense sales meetings, where vendors were given the opportunity to engage and educate the company’s top sales reps on their newest products.

The weekend kicked off with a Welcome Reception hosted by Coty. The next day, vendors updated the Jinny Sales team on their latest products and developments at the Royal Sonesta Hotel, located on New Orleans’ famous Bourbon Street.

Afterward, the vendors and Jinny Corp. team kicked off their shoes and relaxed on an unforgettable dinner cruise on the Creole Queen Padlewheeler, while floating down the Mississippi River.

Straight from the Manufacturers

During the 2019 Sales Meeting, Jinny Beauty Supply queried participating vendors about the state of the OTC industry. The goal was simple: to contribute worthwhile ideas that would provide support to OTC retailers. Out of the 40 participating vendors, three representatives gave the most insightful responses on how to enhance OTC store operations. The beauty supply industry is facing many challenges, but the responses from these three manufacturers offered helpful solutions for storeowners. These three people were selected by Jinny purchasers. OTC Beauty Magazine proudly congratulates Mr. Brian Mullenbach, Ms. Juli Moore and Mr. John Rim on their answers!!! Our ultimate goal is for our OTC stores to read their statements and implement their ideas in their businesses.

Q: Big Box Retailers have realized the potential of the Ethnic section of their stores and are putting more focus on this category. What can OTC stores do to minimize the loss of business to Big Box Retailers?

A: “The class of retailers that are now successful have developed a treasure hunt merchandising plan (Costco, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Burlington). Develop a Treasure Hunt merchandising plan where consumers learn to go to the beauty stores because they know they will get a super-hot value on certain products. The treasures change every week/month while supplies last; change in brand, change in size, change in price. Outstanding variety.

Warm ambiance, lighting, cleanliness, good signage, well merchandised. Run Hot Special pricing in main aisles that are clearly communicated with signage and pricing.  Run 1-Day sales that are communicated with signage outside the store. Example: Buy 1 Get 1 Free Tuesdays on certain brands.”

Brian Mullenbach of House of Cheatham – makers of Aunt Jackies, Africa’s Best, Africa’s Best Original and Texture My Way products

Q: Internet sales have grown at an incredible rate in recent years. Many more people are shopping online as opposed to visiting brick and mortar stores. What can OTC stores do to minimize the loss of business to Internet sales?

A: “One of the easiest ways to communicate your message and your products is via social media. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have become invaluable in advertising. Make sure that is part of your marketing portfolio. Product demonstrations, new item innovation and promotions can all be communicated using social media. Once you get the customers in your store, you want them to return. How about rewarding them for their patronage? Customer Loyalty programs are a great way to say ‘thank you for your business.’ And last but not least, make sure your employees provide best in class customer service. Call your customers for no other reason than to thank them for their business. Call your customers to let them know about promotions. Seize the opportunity to communicate with them.”

Juli Moore of Henkel – makers of Smooth ‘n Shine and göt2b® products

Q: OTC stores have difficulty competing in their own market by any means other than price. What other options do OTC stores have to draw in customers in there market other than price? Also, how can they maximize the purchase amount of each customer that does come in?

A: “It is utmost importance for the manufacturer side that most of nationwide OTC stores carry our brand and products in every store. To make this happen, it is the support provided by Jinny Beauty sales force that we need. Each region’s sales team should blaze a trail and hustle every day to introduce our (brands that Jinny partners with) products to OTC store owners and managers so that our products will not lose our shelf real estate and keep selling well.

We, on the other hand, are continuously providing the consumer level and OTC retailers with the best products, advertising, social media marketing, events/pop up shows, beauty ambassador’s education sessions along with Co-op programs that we participate in with distributors like Jinny Beauty. OTC should compete with one-another by creating special marketing strategies so that their customers come back for more. If the customers see the ‘VALUE’ of the store and products (and) buy from the OTC (rather than going to the one across the street or purchasing online), then that is the key to success. Find out what the customers are looking for. Provide what they need, want and the wish list. Communicate with sales people and manufacturers consistently so we can focus on what we do best. Instead of trying to take a bigger slice, how about making a bigger pie and leave your competition with slices of the smaller one?”

John Rim of R&R Corp, makers of ON Natural and Next Image products

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THe biggest show in jinny history The Big Show

2019 Jinny Trade Show

The Biggest Shows in Jinny History!

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Top Jinny Employees Go Fishing

Gone Fishing!

The top-performing employees at Jinny Beauty Supply went fishing to celebrate a successful year. Attendees included Jinny President Eddie Jhin, Tyler Jhin, Devin Ok, Damon Cho, Jeff Cho, Andy Son, Tommy Nam, Art Emm, Ryan Jang, Brian Oh, Jae Kim and Tiger Kim. Read more

Featured Brands


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2018 Miami VIP Show

The 6th Annual VIP International Trade Show

The 4th of August marked the 6th Annual VIP international Trade Show in Miami. As expected, the show was a huge success with 75+ VIP accounts gathered together in one space.Read more


JBS Hair at the August 2018 BB Show

The 71st Annual Bronner Bros.
Summer Beauty Show

The Bronner Bros. 2018 Mid-Summer Beauty Show kicked off with a bang on August 4th at the Georgia World Congress Center. Now in its 71st year, the bi-annual event is the largest multicultural beauty show in the world.

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JBS Hair at the Winter 2018 BB Show

2018 Bronner Bros.
International Beauty Show

The nation’s largest multicultural beauty show celebrated its 71st Anniversary with its final show of the year at the World Congress Center. Over the course of three days, more than 300 companies were able to connect with over 35,000 salon and barber professionals. Read more