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Customer Information

New Customers
Start by filling out the new customer application form below. Please be sure to put your state tax # on the application form. We will also need a copy of your Business License for Retail, State Tax License and a picture ID. All accounts are pre-paid. No credit cards accepted. No drop ship.
To Place an Order
Please call your friendly Jinny sales representative. Please visit our LOCATIONS page.

Jinny Beauty Supply offers many promotions and deals to our customers. Ask your sales rep. for a copy of our monthly sales flyer. It's over 100 pages of promotion, deals and new items delivered to your store. Our international and domestic customers can also view our catalog online.
Questions: Please contact your local Jinny branch with any question you might have about payment.

Advance Payment: Check the minimum “Qualifying” order amount for your area, make an order, then apply your payment. Once the payment clears, we will ship the order Pre-Paid.
JLOFT Mobile App
Make your life simplier, so you can spend more time with your customers. The JLOFT Mobile Ordering App is the newest Mobile Ordering System to give you the ultimate Mobile Office Experience. Features include: available on both Android & iOS devices, create orders without internet connectivity, access Jinny, JBS Hair & Dream World inventories, exclusive weekly deals, order confirmation by phone & email, and training videos in english & korean. Please call your local Jinny Sales Representative for more details on how you can get the app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Start by filling out the new customer application form completely. Be sure to fill out the state tax # and federal tax # on the application form. The form is below, please scroll down.

You can place an order by contacting your friendly Jinny Sales representative. We have 9 branches around the country.

Yes, the minimum invoice purchase amount for pickup is $500.00 for all customers. No exceptions.

The shipping costs vary per state. Please take advantage of our “Free Freight” charge chart. You can literally save hundreds of dollars on freight cost by ordering the minimum amount. Order by a “full case,” since anything purchased in less than full case quantities will be charged 10% extra to the cost.

We ship through commercial truck carriers. All the products are shrink-wrapped, then trucked out to its destination. Through UPS, air or ground service. This service is recommended if the order is small in terms of the weight. The cost of shipping and handling will be added to the invoice. The minimum UPS purchase is $300.00. We also offer local delivery service with our own trucks and vans.

You pay by credit terms or C.O.D. (Cash On Delivery). On C.O.D shipments (truck and UPS), we accept Money Order – Cashier’s Check (certified check) No Cash!!! Note: All accounts are considered C.O.D., unless credit is previously granted. For customer credit of 15 day/30 day, you must obtain JBS office approval beforehand. There is a mandatory fee on all C.O.D. trucking orders.

Please ask your friendly Jinny sales representative to provide you with advise on what products will sell the best and give you maximum profits. We have been in the business for over 39 years, we have the expertise to help you out.

You must have an account with us in order to receive a catalog. Current customers, please ask your Jinny sales representative for the latest Jinny catalog. There is a fee of $25.00. Check or money order, no cash please!!

Policies & Claims

At Jinny, 100% Customer Service is our ultimate Goal. We pride ourselves on treating our customers with the utmost respect and professionalism.

There are no warranties, express or implied, of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or otherwise, which extend beyond the manufacturer’s description on the label of each product.

Jinny Beauty Supply shall not be deemed responsible nor held liable for any damages or claims for injuries, whether intentional or accidental, relating to the misuse of any product.

We reserve the right to limit order quantities.

Past due account
If payment is not made in accordance with credit terms, Jinny Beauty Supply will pursue its own legal action towards collecting the unpaid balance at whatever the cost.  You will be responsible for all legal fees.

All orders are considered F.O.B. unless otherwise previously approved.

Restock Fee 
If customers do not pick-up orders within 1 month of placement or cancel their trucking order after items have been picked, ordered items will be automatically restocked and the customer will be charged a penalty of 10% of the order amount.  All future orders will be pending until the restock fee is cleared. There will be a restocking fee of 20% for canceling and returning merchandise.

Must be made within 3 days of delivery, please notify customer service immediately upon receipt.

No refund for down payment or earnest money after preparing the order.

Returns / Exchanges
Office approval and product invoices are required.

Return Checks
Any returned check involves a $35.00 service charge.


  1. First, verify that the pallet is intact. Check our Shrink Wrap to make sure that it has not been cut or torn anywhere. If the Shrink Wrap is torn apart, notify Jinny Professional Customer Service Dept. and write it down on the Bill of Lading.
  2. If there are any damages, write down exactly what is damaged on the Bill of Lading and have the truck driver sign it.
  3. Please, either Fax or email a copy of the Bill of Lading and notify the Customer Service Dept regarding the claim after the delivery has been completed. You are allowed to claim the damages and shortages with Jinny within three (3) days after the received shipment day. We WILL NOT accept any claims after three (3) days.
  4. Remember, you can always refuse any damaged boxes to the truck driver, but be sure to get it signed before giving it to them and notify Jinny.
  5. All shipments must be counted and if there are any shortages or surplus, you must have the driver sign for it. If any shortages are not signed, Jinny will not accept these claims.
  6. All our invoices are always attached to the skid/pallets. They are either located on the side or on top of the skid. Before you throw away any plastic wrapping, make sure there are not any invoices or other important documents attached to it.


  • Original invoice must be presented at all times.
  • Returned items will be accepted up to six (6) months of the purchase date. ( As long as the product is in its Original Package and/or Resalable Condition)
  • Specially marked items on the invoice (closeouts and discontinued products) unless defective cannot be returned without a return authorization from the customer service department.
  • Jinny reserves the right not to accept returns under certain circumstances which violate Jinny policies.
  • The number of returned items must match the purchase quantity of its original invoice.
  • There will be a 20% restocking fee for cancelling and returning merchandise.
  • No refund for down payment or earnest money after preparing the order.

GOOD ITEMS (Saleable and Defective Products) – IN “ORIGINAL CASE”

  • Customer returns within 14 days of purchase, we will give you FULL CREDIT minus a 20% restocking fee.
  • Returns within 15 days – 59 days of purchase, we will deduct 10% from your original invoice.
  • Returns over 60 days of purchase, we will deduct 20% from your original invoice.
  • Returns over 120 days of purchase, we will deduct 40% from your original invoice.
  • Returns over 6 months will not be allowed.

GOOD ITEMS (Saleable and Defective Products) – NOT IN “ORIGINAL CASE”
JINNY WILL DEDUCT AN ADDITIONAL 10% FROM YOUR ORIGINAL INVOICE. For example: If a customer returns the product after 70 days, without the original box, Jinny will deduct 30%.

DAMAGED ITEMS (Caused in Stores)


In order for Jinny to fully support our customers more efficiently and effectively, please, abide by these policies. These policies will not be flexible and nor shall Jinny

It is with utmost respect that our company will always protect our customer’s financial information from any inside Jinny members and especially to the outside world. We feel very strongly that your financial information and financial business relationship with our company is something very private between both parties.

Therefore, our companies HAS NOT and WILL NOT give out “Credit References” or “Trade References” to any outside companies.

How To Save Money

By taking of the “Free Freight Chart”, your store can literally save hundreds of dollars on freight costs by ordering the minimum amount. This chart is located on each branches page. Click Location above to see the full list of branches.

Printable Customer Applications

Whether you are a new customer, an international customer, or an existing customer, the downloadable forms are available below. Please click the form, print it, fill it out, then fax it to your closest Jinny Branch.

New Customer Application View PDF
Credit Application View PDF
Personal Guaranty View PDF

New Customer Application

You must fill out this form completely. Please fill out your Retail Sales Tax ID#. We will also need a copy of your Business License for Retail, State Tax License and a picture ID. For international customers, we will need a copy of your resale business license and owner’s passport. Please email copies once you receive a response from our Accounting Department.