To Our Valued JBS Exclusive Dealers,

First of all, we would like to say thank you for supporting our brands and we wish that you will continue to be part of our JBShair Exclusive member in the future as well.

Starting April 1st of 2012, we have made some changes to our company policy that you need to be aware of.  These changes were mainly made due to issues in China and what is happening in America and Europe as well.

We strongly believe that these changes will bring out the best for our customers and this will enhance the growth of our brands in your stores this year.

1.    Every single JBShair dealers MUST make 100% margin on all our brands.

JBSHair Company firmly believes in our brands for its quality. We believe that our quality of our hair pieces and its packaging is the best in the country at its price.  We will CUT OFF any dealers that we find that is discounting on prices, any type of percentages taken off to the end consumers and to the hair stylists as well.  The main desire is to have our dealers to make your full 100% margins on all our brands.


2.    We will not open any new accounts until October 2012 – We believe that JBSHair has protected our current dealers much more than any other hair importers.  Now we want to support your stores even more by letting you know that we will not open any new dealers until October 2012.  Our desire is to let our current dealers to know that we want to fully support them and work with you much more closely than ever before.

3.    Store Advertisement – JBS HAIR will start to advertise our current dealer’s exact store location to the end consumers and to the stylists this year.  There will be many ways in which we could bring new consumers to your store to purchase not just our JBSHair brands but purchase other things in your store.  We simply want to increase your sales in your store to create a win situation so that we both can win together.


4.    Each store is required to order $2500 every month. Previously our requirement amount was only $1500 per month but we had no choice but to increase this sales number for various reasons.  The biggest reason is the lack of the raw materials in China.  We simply cannot get enough hair at this moment.  So as of April 1st, this amount has to be spent every MONTH in order to keep your hair account opened. If not, the system will automatically close your account. If you cannot meet this amount, we fully understand your situation because we know how hard it is right now also we are aware that you have so many other brands to choose from besides JBShair brands.   We would take our brands from your store and give you your money back.  But please know that our only desire is to support the dealers with enough inventories of hair and no other bad intention.

Exciting news this year!!!!   We will be introducing several new brands that NO OTHER major hair importers have shown thus far and we believe that this will be a very new concept to our existing dealers.  We are very excited about these two new brands and they will come out sometime in August of this year.

At the same time we believe that our new brand TruHair will be a huge brand this year and we have this brand in stock currently.

We would like to thank you for your support and we hoped that we can cooperate with one another to create a win win situation for all parties.


Eddie Jhin – JBS Hair Top Manager