Jinny Beauty International Export in Manhattan, New York!

Jinny United has announced its new opening of their Jinny Beauty International Export sales office in the heart of Manhattan, New York.  The actual opening will be some time in November 2012.

Eddie Jhin, President of Jinny United states, “Ever since year 2000, our company has always wanted to venture into this market.  The focus of this sales office is to expand the brands to new vendors and to introduce new products that we carry to the international countries and to the OTC beauty supply stores in the New York market. Our goal is to grow this market like what we have done in Miami (both domestically and internationally) since year 2004.”

In a down market, Jinny United is aggressively being proactive.  Jhin adds, “We are not looking to make sales revenue right now, but as with everything we do, our main interest is in building a stronger foundation or bridge for the future of this whole multi-cultural industry. My father has taught me the difference in making money vs. building wealth; one involves oneself vs. building with many others.”  Jinny United will always do their best to involve our customers and vendors to grow all together!!!