As of November 1, 2006, Mrs. Ann Jhin, the wife of the late Mr. Tae H. Jhin, is the CEO of Jinny Corporation.

Jinny Corp. is the parent company that will control all of the companies’ plans and actions of: Jinny Beauty Supply, JBS Beauty Club and OTC Beauty Magazine in Atlanta; Jinny Beauty Supply and JBS Beauty Club in Chicago; and Jinny Beauty Supply and MDS Distributor in Miami. Mr. Tae H. Jhin’s son, Eddie Jhin, remains as the Top Manager of Jinny Corp.


Eddie Jhin said, “My mother has started this business with my father from the beginning, and this was the wish from my father for my mother to be our CEO of Jinny Corporation.  She has been becoming more involved with the daily business transactions for some time now.  I have full confidence in my mother to run our company as it has been in the past. I know that our Jinny staff members will give my mother the same respect that they have given to my father and I am committed to doing the same.  I am confident that we will do our best in reaching our unlimited goals and will do whatever it takes to preserve the legacy that my father has left behind.

I wish for my mother to lead us in the right direction and also for our Jinny staff members to be even more united as we overcome the barriers that are ahead of us.”