mickerasmousEddie Jhin, President of Jinny Corporation, announced on October 31st 2006 that starting November 1st, Mike Erasmous will be President of Jinny Beauty Supply of Florida and MDS Distributors of Miami.

Mike Erasmous, founded MDS Beauty Supply in 1974. After
many years of success, in November of 2004, MDS merged with Jinny Beauty Supply of Florida and changed it’s name to MDS Distributors of Miami. Mike Erasmous – “I truly would like to
build a new structure for the current OTC retailers in the Florida market and to do business with our true international customers
with brand awareness program to enlarge their horizons beyond what they were accustom to in the past.”

Eddie Jhin stated, “I truly believe that Mike will add a new structure to our branch in Florida market. His vision of running the company is same as my father’s, building a strong bottom foundation and yet at the same time building a stronger relationships with our customers internationally and domestically.” Mike will be the first President that Jinny Corporation has assigned in our 26 years outside the family members. I am positive that he will set a great standard for rest to follow for all of our future regional branch Presidents. I wish him the best of everything.


Eddie Jhin
Jinny Corp – President.