Jinny Beauty Supply of Baltimore Opens up August 19, 2013.

Jinny’s top three operation managers arrived in Baltimore, Maryland on Sunday, July 14th and they began to do what they do best the following day with their warehouse men – opening the new branch.

Mr. Devin Ok (Dallas branch), one of the top three Jinny United operation managers, stated, “We have a very unique way of opening any branch we decide to open. We know all the mistakes from the past openings and we made notes so we do not make these same mistakes ever again. Basically, we open the warehouse before we actually get there in our minds, and we communicate this over and over with our staff members until we get tired of talking about it.”

The Jinny Baltimore staff members are made up of all Jinny key members lead by Mr. Ji Ho Yoo (Dallas branch). Yoo stated, “Our company has been telling us we will be opening in this market since mid-last year, so we are just glad that the time has finally come.”

Yoo added, “Just like our warehouse set up team, our whole company functions with a mission and goal always. The top management always gives us the guidelines with its time management schedules and we make sure that the job gets done. Our main job is to service our customers with the best service, promotions and prices, and our full inventory selection. These are the most important elements in order to succeed in Maryland.”

When OTC Beauty Magazine asked Eddie Jhin of Jinny United if there was anything special about this opening compared to others he stated, “Maryland OTC stores take their business very seriously, and I really respect this and I know that we will do everything possible to uplift them to the higher level.”

This new warehouse in Baltimore, Maryland will be Jinny United’s eighth distribution center across America. Baltimore distribution will be the very first warehouse in the northeast region and now Jinny will be able to deliver almost 95% the very next day.  Eddie Jhin stated, “Our ultimate goal is to deliver to 95% the very same day.”

With this statement, we are to assume Jinny United will open more locations…