memphis_graphicOnce again, Jinny United held true to their word and on April 28 they set their feet in their Memphis warehouse, which is set to be open to their customers on Monday, May 19.

This distribution center will be their ninth, amazingly creating 1.34 million square feet of warehouse spaces throughout America.

Eddie Jhin, President of Jinny United stated, “Our ultimate goal is to provide same day service in America where we have our customers. Ultimately we want to build the best logistic structure for all beauty related products, and once we open several more locations this year and in 2015, we have accomplished this goal.”

He added, “Our company will begin to install automated warehouse systems and use the latest technology to improve our efficiency and to eliminate any unnecessary costs in the distribution model. This type of an investment will be large for the company, but we have already started this process two and half years ago and are still moving forward.”

As with all of the new branches of Jinny United, Jinny wants to thank all of their vendors and customers for their support.

Eddie Jhin adds, “To all of our Memphis customers, in advance I want to express my gratitude for your past, current and future business. I promise that we will do our best in supporting our loyal customers. Our ultimate goal for Memphis is to work very closely together with our loyal customers to increase THEIR STORE business.”