Ever since Jinny Corp have started their hair business since August 2001, the hair department was always part of Jinny Corp, performing all the same business related functions as Jinny Corp has done over the years.

But from July of 2009, JBSHair will come out and be its own company. Eddie Jhin, President of Jinny Corp mentions, “We have had a tremendous amount of benefit from being together as Jinny Beauty Supply in one building over all these years.” He adds, “But I always knew that we had to be separated for many reasons, but due to my father passing away three years ago and also due to our poor past management in the hair department, I did not feel it would have benefited our company at those times to make such move in the past.”

However with the new management team of hair department, Jinny Corp strongly feels very confident that this team will be the right people to lead our hair business in the right direction for the company.

In only past six months, our JBSHair have made 13 new brands: Elegante; 100%Remi human hair front lace wigs, Satai; 100% Remi Yaky Weaving, Urban Beauty Karisma; Turning our number one brand to be the top of its own class, Beauti Collection Platinum; Making our number one selling unit brand to be even better, The Wig Box; First time since JBSHair have entered the synthetic full head wig market., Whisper; Front Lace Synthetic wig products, best brand name for this new market, Priv�; It’s a 100% human hair superior line of Yaky weave at its mid level pricing, Blacktide; Blended mix of natural hair for the bulk style of products, SHE; The first Pre-priced hair in the America history, blended to the best ratio mix possible without adding any unnecessary cost to its price. TruHair; Same quality as SHE but the texture is different, Mirage Hair Transformation; It’s the first Remi synthetic hair blended together with the very best in Korean and Japanese fibers, Isabella Hair Series; This is for the Spanish/European market 100% Remi Indian hair for the fusion, Clip-On and hand sewn master hair weave. With 24 European colors to choose from as well. The set comes in a safe lock display with its own keys and the quality is guaranteed 100% for two years with a money back policy. Lastly Urban Beauty La Chica; This is 100% for the Spanish market hair colors and lengths to gravitate to the ever growing Latinos in the American market. It will have 16 specially made hair colors to choose from and the lengths will start at 14″ to 22″ This also will be the first time that a Korean importer will get into this new market in masses in America as well.

With all these new brands and with the loyal management team, JBSHair will be moving to their new massive 80,000 square foot building by mid July of this year 2009. This building was the original building of Jinny Corp in Atlanta 13 years ago.

Eddie Jhin states,” Our main goal for our JBSHair company is to build our brands through consumers, stylists and OTC store awareness and have the people trust in our brands. We will fully support our brands through nation and local advertising and grass root marketing to increase the sale of our brands to support our OTC stores that carries our brands”. “Also we will use the strength of Jinny Corp to support our OTC stores with our 50,000 different items that we carry and not just the hair business in that particular store but also to increase the total business in all different types of products and to “give back” to our end consumers as well.”

“We would like to build a “win-win-win-win” situation for our OTC stores, end consumers and stylists, and for our factories in China to make sure that they can support their staff members and their families and lastly for our JBSHair Company”

Jinny Corp is very committed in their JBSHair Company and they would like to take the hair business globally and definitely try to reach the heights that several hair importers and distributors has and still doing in the American market.

Jhin comments, “After researching this hair market over the years, I think that we have the best potential to grow to be the largest hair importer in the world, but I know for fact that it will take some time and very smart marketing strategies, good number of support of good hearted staff members, and lastly building great relationships and support from the Far East factories (Korean and Chinese together).” He adds, “It will be almost impossible to make this happen within several years but I feel confident that in due time, all these issues will come together and make our dream come true”

– Jinny United.