Officially we have opened our newest branch in San Leandro, California on February 28th 2012.

In all the years of opening warehouses, we have never encountered such permitting issues like we have in this county but at the end of the day, our Jinny Team has overcame all its barriers and made it happen!!!!

This situation has made our company ten times stronger and wiser and we will prevent this type of a disaster in the future openings in the East Coast and elsewhere.

In the history of Northern California, there has never been a beauty and general merchandise distributor and the Jinny Corporation would be the very first. Our main goal is to service every customer the very same day or the latest the next day.

We ask our customers in that region to support our company and vice versa we will give you the kind of support that you have never received as well. We will work harder than ever before to give you the very best in service, very best in prices and promotions, fastest shipping at the lowest freight minimums and our widest selection of products from all over the world.

Once again, Thank you very much for your support always and let’s grow with one another’s support and make this market stronger TOGETHER!!!!


Jinny United