In January of 2012, there will be much more additional benefits outside of Jinny United. Some of the benefits will be:
1. A FREE predetermined set dollar amount of groceries from your local H-Mart Grocery , Assi Grocery and Kroger Grocery stores to be used every six months.
2. FREE predetermined quantity of passes to any spa of your choice in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas or Los Angeles
3. FREE predetermined amount to spend at Jinny-recommended top Korean restaurants in all cities where Jinny United is located: Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami and coming soon—New Jersey and New York
4. NON Expired Jinny’s Centurion Black Card Members will be receiving more specific store oriented advertising programs such as: (Billboard ads, Bus and Bus stop ads, Radio spots, Sales Flyers, Saturday In- Store Promotion with Jinny Corp sponsoring a key vendor and much more….)
Jinny Corp. is proud to offer this exclusive card�available by invitation only. Card benefits will include personalized service, access to exclusive members-only deals and more. Upon receiving this exclusive card, the following will apply:
1. You will be part of an elite group in the Jinny United’s vast customer database. Jinny United will issue new cards and renewals only twice a year�on January 20th and July 20th.
2. The Jinny Centurion Black Membership Card will expire every six months and Jinny United has the sole discretion on renewing or issuing new card for the next six months.
3. There is no card membership fee.
4. There is no requirement to purchase any amount from Jinny United once you receive your card.
5. Every card will be very unique to your account. If the card becomes lost, notify your Jinny location so they may reissue a new card to you.
6. Please bring your card to any of Jinny Tradeshows in order to receive your benefits from Jinny Corp and its manufacturers at the show.

As a Jinny United Centurion Black Card Member, you’ll be entitled to the following benefits:
1. With every order you place with Jinny Corp, you’ll receive FREE, sellable goods�not samples.
2. At every Jinny Tradeshow, you’ll automatically receive a FREE gift�no minimum order or raffle tickets required.
3. At every Jinny Tradeshow, you’ll automatically receive two FREE nights of accommodation at a fine hotel.
4. At Jinny Tradeshows, you’ll receive an extra 2% on any minimum freight amount purchase. As a cardholder, any great combo products, bonus or specially made products will be available first to you.
5. Many of Jinny Corp’s manufacturers will recognize your store as one of Jinny’s elite locations and will merchandise in your store several times a year.
6. Jinny’s top managers will work together to support your stores one-on-one basis to build a better advertising program to help you reach your end consumers.
7. Jinny’s top management will encourage its members to visit the Jinny offices to spend some time getting to know one another personally and professionally to enhance your business.