On December 12th, 2009, after five months of hard work led by the Jinny management team

and its Brittany Beauty Club (BBC) Mexican staff members, has opened the largest cash and carry of beauty care and general merchandise center in all of Mexico.

The location is in the center of Mexico City where the population is little more 22 million people. Mr Eddie Jhin, President of Jinny Corp (USA), “The biggest reason why I opened BBC in Mexico is largely due to its population of people and their purchasing power of beauty care needs.” “If done right, I feel that this market will be larger than what we have in America within ten years.”

He adds, “we have done business with Mexican people on the border zones in Mexico prior to opening there, but doing business in Mexico is very different than anything I have ever done before and it is very hard to understand their system because it changes so rapidly but overall it has given our company a new challenge and new opportunities in which we will reap the benefits down the road and we have enough resources and time to see this business grow.” “My expectation of BBC in Mexico was not to be successful quickly but to plant a seed and to watch it grow with patience in mind.”

storeJinny’s aggressive future plan in Mexico is a 10 year plan with the possibility of opening more BBC operations every two years. Eddie Jhin states, “ Our top BBC staff members in Mexico and top managers from America visiting one another back and forth from time to time to review and to support one another, we have a very good chance of overcoming any barriers that lies ahead of us down the road.”

Final note, Jinny’s major objective is that once BBC (Mexico operation) becomes fully aware of its surroundings and in learning and getting to know its market and its Mexican consumers , Jinny would like to bring both manufacturers in Mexico and the vendors from America to cross the borders so both sides would be able to open many more channels that they may not have existed before thus making the beauty market much bigger for the whole industry.