Thank you for coming to all of Jinny spring trade shows. I hope that these shows have benefited all of us in this tough economy.


My announcement today is to inform our industry members that in 2011 Jinny Corp will expand into multiple territories. I strongly feel that in order to lift our whole industry into a higher level, one must act now!!!

I am aware that our country’s economy is surely recovering but I feel that it will take another 12 to 14 months in order for the unemployment rate to come down and to have a much stronger economy. When the economy is booming, a great company will make a bundle of cash, but when the economy is in depression, this is the time for a bundle of great opportunities that you will not see for another 10 to 15 years.

Currently our JINNY CORPORATION is not a national company because we are not located in cities or regions that we can deliver the goods the very same day nor the next day.

As years pass by, the costs of labor and transportation will definitely rise and in order to combat this, we need to more efficient and be located strategically in certain cities in order to save all related costs and to be able to service our current and future customers the very same day.

Our ultimate goal is to provide the widest selection of products with the lowest out of stock ratio in the world. I am a firm believer that the past history of a person or an organization ALWAYS predicts the future of that particular person or that organization. In the locations where our company has opened in the past, Atlanta, Miami, Dallas and Los Angeles, we have proven to all our vendors and our customers that we have increased the awareness of your products and has tremendously increased the performance of all other related distributors in every way.

Thus combined together, we have made our ethnic industry stronger and better than ever before!!! This was done through ACTION and SACRIFICE that Jinny has made to make it all possible for all of us. Several things for certain is that NO ONE is going to give you anything for FREE, you must earn it. Also in our great nation, I realize that being number one in your industry can be taken away the very next day if you lose your focus. Only through the fear of losing and never being satisfied with any accomplishments made in the past will keep you at the top forever.

So to conclude, I ask my fellow vendors, industry leaders and members to look beyond your current status and dream something bigger and better in everything that you do and touch. After all, its FREE to dream!!! Thank you for your time.
Eddie Jhin – Top Manager of Jinny United.