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Sensitive by Nature

 A salon exclusive product system with Herbal Oil Infusion


Sensitive By Nature™ Professional Salon System

Sensitive By Nature™ is a salon exclusive product system that is new and improved with its Herbal Oil Infusion that enhances the integrity of the hair by imparting reconditioning, strengthening and natural oils into the hair follicles.

The products are infused with a specially formulated Herbal Oil Infusion that will strengthen the hair, along with Moroccan Argan and Olive Oils that will impart moisture and shine to the hair, leaving it perfectly balanced and conditioned.


Step 1 - Safe Base Creme

Specially designed Herbal Blend Safe Base Creme protects and soothes the scalp when used with any Sodium, Lithium and Guanidine hydroxide relaxer. This base creme is enriched with nourishing Olive Oil and conditioning Argan Oil for extra soothing comfort. Size: 14 & 32 oz.

Step 2 - No Base Relaxer

Herbal Blend infused with Olive Oil and Argan Oil from Morocco to create unforgettably soft, smooth, silky, straight hair. Regular or Super Strength. Sizes: 15 oz., 5 lbs. & 10 lbs.

Step 3 - Repairing Post Treatment

This herbal blend post-chemical and postcolor normalizer infuses positively charged ions into the hair to fill in areas of the hair shaft which are negatively charged due to the chemical reaction on the hair. Excellent for all types of relaxers (Lye, No-Lye/Lithium). Helps to maintain the elasticity and keep the follicles natural integrity after chemical processing. Sizes: 16 & 32 oz.

Step 4 - Neutralizing Shampoo

Removes alkaline residue, detangles smooths and shines - with color signal to ensure proper neutralization. Highly balanced and chelating agents-which ensure total removal of all relaxer residue while enhancing body and softness. Ingredients such as Argan Oil and Olive Oil deposit moisture deep inside hair fibers while amino acids constrict the cuticles and energize the hair. sizes: 8 & 32 oz.

Step 5 - Recovery Conditioner

Enriched with fiber strengthening proteins, olive oil, argan oil and rosemary extracts. Herbal Blend Recovery is electronically charged to bond to damaged areas inside and out of hair shaft. Restricts and Smooths cuticles externally. Strengthens and moisturizes hair internally. Detangles, Shines and softens. Prevents breakage. Sizes: 6 & 32 oz.

No-Lye Conditioning Relaxer

Herbal Blend infused with Olive Oil to penetrate deep inside the hair shaft it instantly provides strength and protection. A combination of exceptionally high levels of essential fatty acids, proteins and Vitamin E, and Argan oil promotes healing and provides instant nourishment for beautiful healthy hair. Regular and Super Strength. Available in a 6 & 12 Pack.

Relaxer Starter Kit

Includes everything you need to create healthy relaxed hair for customers with sensitive skin and scalps conditions.The kit includes: Herbal Blend Safe Base Cream, Neutralizing Shampoo, 2pc Relaxers, 5 oz, 2pc Activators 0.95 oz, 2pc pair gloves, Silken Foam Wrap, Safe Guard Smoothing Serum, Humidity Free Spritz, 2x Spatulas, Instruction Sheet

Sensitive by Nature® remains a trendsetter in developing a professional product line that enhances the integrity of hair while providing reconditioning, strengthening and essential natural oils to the hair follicle. Salon professionals worldwide have expressed the desire to have these essential oils integrated into our fabulous professional product line.

The company has responded to these requests by introducing a full line of professional products including a relaxer system, maintenance essentials and finishing products; all infused with Olive Oil and Moroccan Argan Oil providing the essential fatty acids needed to maintain beautiful healthy hair. We have enhanced our product lines while maintaining the soothing aroma that has become synonymous with the Sensitive By Nature® brand.


Strengthening Leave-in Treatment

Penetrates deep into the hair follicle - for lasting strength and shine. Infuses Olive Oil and Argan Oil into the hair follicle to repair and re-vitalize damaged hair. Deep penetrating action rebuilds hair of all textures leaving it soft and smooth. Seals moisture. Perfect for blow dryers and roller sets. Softens for total control and manageability. Size: 32 oz.

7-in-1 Reconstructor

Detangles and softens for extra dry and damaged hair. Emphasis the importance of the Argan oil and Vitamin E. These oils provides elasticity, and flexibility while restoring the essential oils and hair nutriments that can not be synthesized. Provides intense moisture to dry hair as it improves the hairs natural sheen. Great for detangling, softening and adding bounce. Sizes: 16 & 32 oz.

Hydrating Conditioning Shampoo

PERFECT FOR NATURAL OR RELAXED STYLING! Gently cleanses and moisturizes hair while infusing the shaft with Olive oil and Moroccan Argan Oil. The special blend cleanses as it hydrates to deliver vital nutrients to the hair for lasting protection from damage, leaving hair manageable and silky smooth as it detangles. Sizes: 8 & 32 oz.


Humidty-Free Spritz

Firm Hold, No flaking, Fast Drying and thermal protectant. Provides protection from elements and firm hold. Long lasting smooth styles with no frizz and without flaking. Excellent retail profit source. Sizes: 12 & 32 oz.

Silken Foam Wrap

The unique blend of Olive Oil and Argan Oil provides long lasting hold while leaving hair soft with incredible shine. This non-flaking formula is infused with nourishing Argan Oil for greater ease in roller setting, wrapping and molding styles. Hairstyles will maintain moisture and will blow dry soft , silky and bouncy. Perfect for pre-prepping hair for flat ironing. Sizes: 8 & 32 oz.

Rescue Hair & Scalp Treatment

Use daily to add moisture to NATURAL HAIR to protect hair shaft and ends and enhance growth and to reduce hair damage. Mends split ends while repairing damaged hair caused by heating tools. Strengthens the roots and nourishes scalp. Eliminates itchiness and dryness. Size: 8 oz.

Safeguard Smoothing Serum

Eliminates Frizz and leaves hair silky, shiny and smooth Non-greasy, non-sticky formula provides protection from heat styling tools. Instantly and dramatically transforms dry, frizzy or chemically treated hair into smooth, shiny hair. Add to wet or dry hair prior to heat styling. Size: 6 oz.

Extreme Damage Hair Treatment

Formulated with Argan Oil and Olive Oil to energize the hair and scalp as it penetrates deep inside the hair follicles to promote healthy, growing hair. Unique formula helps stop hair breakage and split ends while restoring moisture balance. Size: 8.5 oz.

Defining Edge

Herbal Blend Defining Edge smoothes & controls edges and adds moisture & shine. Infused with Olive Oil and Argan Oil. Size: 2.4 oz.

Shimmer Glaze

Herbal Blend Shimmer Glaze is ultra light, humidity resistant and ideal for sculpting. Infused with Olive Oil and Argan Oil. Size: 8 oz.

Shine Spray

Herbal Blend Shine Spray creates a brilliant shine, eliminates frizz and is a heat protectant. Infused with Olive Oil and Argan Oil. Size: 6 oz.


Balancing Shampoo

Sulfate Free Balancing Shampoo hydrates curls, strengthens and gently cleanses. Infused with Olive Oil and Argan Oil. For Naturally Curly Hair. Size: 12 oz.

Co-Wash Treatment

Sulfate Free Co-Wash Intensive Conditioning Treatment replenishes moisture, nourishes curls, gently detangles. Infused with Olive Oil and Argan Oil. For Naturally Curly Hair. Size: 12 oz.

Curl Refreshing Mist

Smoothes curls, frizz free, rejuvenates dull hair. Infused with Olive Oil and Argan Oil. For Naturally Curly Hair. Size: 6 oz.

Defining Curl Cream

Restores shine, shapes natural curls, add moisture. Infused with Olive Oil and Argan Oil. Size: 8.5 oz.

Leave-In Conditioner

Revitalizing Leave-in Conditioner detangles, moisturizes & adds shine, smoothes & defines curls, minimizes breakage. Infused with Olive Oil and Argan Oil. For naturally curly hair. SIze: 8 oz.


Nacolia Gipp
Nacolia Gipp, co-owner of New Beginnings Hair Studio in Riverdale, GA, is truly a cosmetic visionary. An astute businesswoman and master cosmetologist, she along with her husband has positioned New Beginnings as the premier beauty salon and barber shop on the south side of Atlanta. After graduating from Atlanta Technical College in 1998, Nacolia instantly began preparing and executing her plans, to own, operate and manage her own hair studio. The plan materialized in 2005 as the doors of the New Beginnings Hair Studio opened. In addition to her unmatched styling capabilities, Nacolia is supremely product knowledgeable and consistently stays in “the know” with regards to hair treatments, techniques and applications by taking every advantage of any opportunity to enroll  in various training courses and seminars.

One such training included her 2007 enrollment in Lisha Coleman’s Institute of Hair Extensions in Hollywood, California where she obtained unorthodox hair extension techniques. In an effort to further develop her skill-set holistically; in 2008 she trained with well known New Concepts instructor, Veronica in Birmingham, Alabama in the area of lace front hair replacements. Her attendance at the Patric Bradley’s Hair Cutting and Color Placement classes in Atlanta as well as Jakki Dee’s Colour Beauty Clinic classes have too contributed to her dominating success. It is this level of expertise that has attracted many music celebrities to her salon for the hair prepping of models and stand-ins for countless music videos.

Her specialties include hair extensions, hair replacements, color, cutting and trichology. A complimentary combination of style, creativity, class and vision makes Nacolia Gipp a pioneering force in the hair care industry whose presence will certainly affect the art of cosmetology, and more importantly the way in which clients experience cosmetology.

Torain, a native of New York, has studied and worked in many of the world’s major fashion capitols. Having studied early in his career at the famed Vidal Sassoon Academy of Hair Cutting in London, England; Torain developed valuable skills and techniques that were instrumental in bringing the art of precision cutting and the technique of blow drying the hair, to the black beauty industry. Torain is famous for his multilingual, fluid explanations that are an invigorating experience in a high-energy educational environment. A noted author, cosmetologist, educator and internationally acclaimed presenter who has demonstrated his techniques in Canada, Mexico, Europe, South America, The West Indies and throughout the United states. Torain is credited with introducing the adhesive hair extension technique to the world called “Fusion”, which is now in the mainstream market. Truly innovative and exciting in his classroom educational delivery, Torain is one of the most sought after demonstrators in the Professional Salon industry. He has been a dominant force in the beauty industry for more than thirty years.

Sensitive By Nature®, Inc. is excited to present Torain, a true leader in the industry as he will surely entertain as he educates.

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