Important Message To All:

As of July 31st 2006, we as Jinny Beauty Supply Company have realized the challenges with our ever changing industry and economy that we are facing today so for our future we have changed our corporate image from Jinny Beauty Supply Company to Jinny United.

Jinny United represents all our companies acting and behaving as one. Our goal is to provide the best working environment and benefits for our Jinny staff members, building a solid “win-win” business relationships with our manufacturers/vendors and their representatives and brokers and most importantly offer our customers the best solutions to their needs and requirements.

To all the Jinny United staff members the changes of our logo has a sacred meaning. We will act as one in every aspect of our business and help one another in times of sorrow and rebound and reap the benefits when we all have earned it through our hard work ethic.

The message that I have for our vendors and their representatives and brokers, is to come join us and let’s compromise and consolidate our strengths together to build a better business relationships and for the future of our industry as well.

The message that I have for our customers is “thank you” for being supportive of our company for so many years and we promise to work harder to earn the right to be your number one distributor of your choice. Our mission is to offer the best customer service in this industry and keep coming up with new ideas and promotions to enhance your business and nurture your needs.

The message that I have for our Jinny United staff members is that “being the best” in any field of business or activities, requires great team work and great people. I am very proud to say that our Jinny United staff members are made up of this. I do not believe in a “one man” theory in this day and age. I say to my people to grow with me and watch where we are going, you shall take us to places where you could not even imagined by yourself but together and only together, it will happen without you even knowing. “Don’t take anything for granted and be humble with oneself and always stay paranoid and be alert.” I promise each and everyone of you that in years to come, Jinny United will make you proud one day.


Eddie Jhin
President of Jinny United