On July 4, 2011 Jinny Corporation officially opened its newest branch in Houston, Texas. This date has a special meaning to Jinny members due to the fact that it’s not just the national holiday, but it’s also the birthday of the Jinny United founder, Mr.Tae Hoon Jhin.


“We have opened this branch in less than one month and we have outdone ourselves this time around,” Eddie Jhin stated. “We want to be able to service our current customers and hopefully new customers in the Houston region with better service, which they deserve now and into the future. With the new Houston branch now open, our Dallas branch can focus more into the Dallas market much better than before and this is our ultimate goal.”
“I give my full respect to our employees that have made this happen for the company,” Jhin added.

Jinny Corporation plans to open one more new branch in Oakland, California later this year and several new branches in year 2012. “Our three year plan has been already mapped out in detail and we are revising our plan on a monthly basis in order to make it better and risk free,” Jhin stated.

As the legendary football coach Vince Lombardi once said, “dictionary is the only place where you will find the word success before the word work.”

“We believe in this same philosophy and we make sure that everyone who works for our companies put this to action in their daily lives,” Jhin explained. “Only hard work will make the impossible into reality and everything will come out at the end.”


Jinny Houston respectfully asks the OTC customers in Houston to give our company just one chance to serve you and we will do our best in order to make your business more successful for the future. We also ask our customers for forgiveness for any future mistakes that may arise, for we do not plan to make them on purpose; we are simply new to Houston and may not know any better, so please teach us.

Once again, Jinny Houston would like to thank you all for making this happen and our customers for the opportunity to serve them.


Eddie Jhin

Top Manager of Jinny United