Breathtaking ocean coasts, vast jungles, interesting historical finds, captivating culture and a variety of delicious cuisines…Colombia has it all when it comes to allure. It is no wonder this South American country easily draws people in and keeps the natives there. Honestly, who wouldn’t want to explore regions of such beauty? Greater still than the splendor of the land is the beauty of its inhabitants, who are wonderfully diverse in ethnicity; that’s where the beauty supply industry comes in.

From beautiful hair and radiant skin to a face flaunts just the right shades of makeup, the beauty supply industry in Colombia works hard to successfully provide customers with the products they want to match their outer beauty with that which is found within. Among stores, commercial hair is a big-seller. Brands like Karizma Silky Straight, Virgin Brazilian, Mirage and Urban Beauty top the charts. (Find out more about these styles and more at

Product brands such as Smoothcare, Africa’s Best, Organic Root Stimulator, IC, Blue Magic, Profective, Hawaiian Silky, Eco, and Smooth ‘N Shine are also strong sellers. This is also true of Maxi, Conair, Ambi, J2 Hair Tools and J Cosmetics. Selection is not in short stock when it comes to customers finding the products they seek.

So whether you are considering the pretty landscapes and attractions of the land or the radiant people, rest assured that classic beauty, and the beauty supply industry, is big business in Colombia.