Letter by the President of the Company

November 15, 2004

To our Valued Customers,

“Since the birth of the human hair department for Jinny Beauty Supply on August 15th 2001.

We have made “Urban Beauty” known as the “Blue Box of human hair”, one of the most recognized brand in the country within short 3 years . We were the first human hair importer to advertising in the national Television ads and also the first to have a standard pricing policy for our products. We wanted our customer to make more profit with our human hair than any other brand and at the same time bringing stylists and everyday consumers into their stores to purchase our human hair brands. And I believe that our company has done just that since August 2001!!!
Since 2001, we have been asked from our customers numerous times, “Why don’t you guys come up with the synthetic line of hair?”
Well I am very please to announce that we will fulfill their wishes and starting November 15th, 2004. This date will be the first date that Jinny Atlanta will be presenting and promoting our newest brand of synthetic hair called “Urban Beauty Beauti Collection and the F/X Series
(Fast Extension Series). Our company has spend many many months coming up with the package design, studied the different types of styles and different types of marketing approach to promoting and selling our newest brand in the market place.
I truly believe that in today’s world and in the future world, the makers of any line of hair (human and synthetic hair) needs to bring the consumers to the retailers and not other way around. We need to come up with promotions to drive our customer’s retail store business to sell more at their levels. In other words, “We need to first think about our retailers’ business first then worry about yours later.”

Starting March 1st 2005, our Chicago and Miami branches will be able to offer their customers our newest line of synthetic lines as well. Please visit our showrooms and take a look at what we have done differently for yourself.

Hopefully with our customers’ support and with our ever-lasting quest for improving our standards every year will make this new brand into another success hopefully it will not take another 3 years to do this.


Eddie Jhin
Jinny Corp – President