On a warm, sunny afternoon Miami held their 5th VIP international Trade Show in their own building on Sunday, August 6.

As expected, the show was a huge success with 92 VIP accounts gathered together in one space.  Each account placed high-quantity case orders, per item, with Jinny’s vendors, and even truckloads worth of orders were made.

“I am very proud of my Miami team, and we all supported each other and tried our best to accommodate our vendors, especially to our customers,” said International Sales Director and VIP show Director Lan Wilkerson.

“We are so excited to say that overall, I think we have outdone even better than our last year’s VIP International show numbers.”

After the show Jinny Miami Warehouse Manager Joseph Jang stated, “We will have to work until 10 p.m. for the next three weeks, but we are ready and have been prepared for this show.”

Andy Son, the Miami sales manager, added, “I was really happy to see our top customers and next year my Miami team may change how we pick our customers to invite to our show. “