The beauty supply industry caters to a culturally diverse population.

Suriname – South America

If variety is the spice of life, Suriname (also known as the Republic of Suriname) is like a bowl of chili that leaves you reaching for a water glass. “Suriname is a multiethnic, multicultural, multilingual, and multi-religious country, and probably one of the most colorful and unique societies in the world,” explains the Suriname Tourism Foundation (STF). It boasts a magnificent cultural blend that is created by its people that have roots all over the world. A multitude of ethnicities mix together perfectly, and the beauty supply industry happily serves each one with unique products for their specific hair and beauty needs.

Suriname, situated on the northeastern Atlantic coast of South America, is neighbored by French Guiana and Guyana. This land filled with tropical rainforests and jungles is as exotic as you can imagine. The tropical climate keeps it hot, wet and humid, and this undoubtedly creates beauty issues like frizzy hair. (From our experience with the seemingly mild humidity we experience here in the Southern United States, we can only imagine the hair woes these weather conditions present.) Inhabitants of the country need not fear, because beauty supplies are there to save the day! Popular brands such as Smoothcare, Africa’s Best, Organic Root Stimulator, IC, TCB, Blue Magic, S-Curl, Luster’s Pink and African Pride help with this hair concern, and many others. Brittny’s and Ardell are also well-liked brands for general merchandise.

If commercial hair is what consumers are looking for, beauty stores have that too! With popular brands such as Urban Beauty, Beauti Collection, Afro Kinky, TruHair, SHE, SHE Brazilian, Afro Kinky Braid and PP Braids, shoppers can find just the right style to fit their personality. Visit to learn about these, and discover other types of hair.

These people of varied backgrounds join together to form one single society, and the STF reports that most “preserved their cultural identity.” This means that cultural traditions from groups such as Dutch, Hindu, Javanese, Chinese, African and Amerindian can be found throughout the land. Still other cultures are coming into the country, adding to its mix. As can be expected, this melting pot of people leads to quite an exciting blend of music, culture, traditions, cuisines, religion and more…all adding to the beauty of Suriname.