winnerDear Retail Owner & Hair Manager :

Top hair brands: “ Urban Beauty” & “Beauti Collection” are presenting a special

“2007 special promotion” as a way of saying “Thank you” and showing our appreciation to all of our OTC store family members.

Here is how the special promotion will work: The Top best selling stores will be selected based on the quantity of all kinds of “Urban Beauty” & “Beauti Collection” hair sold. Then, the salesperson(s) responsible in those respective OTC stores will be awarded with fantastic prizes. The prized are worth a total of over $10,000 !

PARTICIPATION Rbeauti_collec_cut1ULES :

OTC store Salesperson(s) MUST sign up to participate in this contest at the Jinny Fall Buying Show
Promotion Period : Oct 8th ~ Dec 15th, 2007 (All tags must be received at JBS Hair by Dec 22nd, 2007)
Winners Announcement Date : December 24th, 2007; List of winners can be found on The winners be notified individually.
Prize Distribution Date : Dec 30th, 2007


First, inform your customers of the free product offer, as specified on the poster. This promotion is available to any willing to let the tag be cut off of their purchased hair package. The customer gets the bottom Style/ Size/Color tag, Salesperson keeps the top part of the front tag.
Regardless of length or kind of UB or BC hair item purchased, save every tag that is cut.
UB tags are worth 2 Points, BC tags are worth 1 Point.
At the end of the promotional period, a JBShair salesperson will either stop by your store to collect the tags, or the OTC store salesperson will send the collected tags to: JBS HAIR, 3587 Oakcliff Rd Doraville, GA 30340price list