Ever since the Jinny Chicago Branch relocated in December 2007 to the Village of Niles, IL.,

the company has longed to return to where Jinny Beauty Supply began in 1981— the old building back on Kimball Avenue.

The Kimball building was the first major real estate purchase made by the late Mr. Tae Hoon Jhin, founder of Jinny Corp. Jinny Corp now owns 100% of its massive 1,090,000 square feet of warehouse space in America alone. The Kimball building has brought Jinny much good fortune and after being vacant for over 16 months, the building will reopen its doors to customers in September 2009.

The 100,000 square foot building will be dedicated to opening the largest cash and carry operation in North America—a title currently held by the Atlanta JBS Beauty Club at 65,000 square feet.


Scott Jhin, who heads the Chicago Jinny Corp operation stated, “I feel that the Kimball Avenue location will serve our customers much better than our current Niles location. Now we can finally show our customers that we carry over 50,000 different items and they will be able to see that for themselves in our massive open space.”

Jhin added, “Our current building in Niles will focus on and serve our out-of-state customers, while our Kimball Avenue building will serve all of Chicago and nearby cities in the region.”

JBS Club of Chicago will open in September or early October 2009. The company has allocated just over 1.7 million dollars to upgrading the building so that it’s in tip-top shape both inside to outside. The renovation will virtually make the same building look completely different in an effort to make the buying experience for all customers unique and enticing.

Scott Jhin mentioned, “Our policy for all the JBS Clubs still remains the same, we will not sell to or solicit any salons, barbers and consumers of any sort. We feel this type of practice will always have an ill-effect on our OTC customers and we will always try our best to protect our OTC stores from such actions.”

The Kimball Avenue building’s grand opening ceremony will be held in October, the same day as Jinny Chicago Fall Tradeshow. The tradeshow will take place upstairs in the newly remodeled 20,000 square feet of space while the downstairs area will be the new JBS Beauty Club of Chicago.

Jinny Corp would like to invite all of its guests to this special event and will do their best to provide customers amazing service and the widest selection of top quality products. Jinny Corp. would like to thank everyone for their support and for giving the company an opportunity to serve its customers!!

– Jinny United