Jinny will be opening to its West Coast customers, a branch in Vernon, CA.

The warehouse is relatively small in comparison to its other Jinny buildings elsewhere in the country. With its futuristic mezzanine, the free standing building is a 64,000 square feet with ample parking spaces, seven loading docks and high ceilings.

Eddie Jhin states, “Our Los Angeles building will service our OTC customers in the West Coast Region with much better and faster service in every which way.” “It was very difficult to be able to understand and service our West Coast customers from Dallas, Texas”, he said, and “I am a firm believer that in order to service your customers and to be able to better serve them, you must live and breathe the same air as they do”.

Jinny staff members landed in Los Angeles on March 12th and within less than 60 days, they will have opened our operation fully. Eddie Jhin adds, “Our staff members are the very best in what we do when it comes to opening a new warehouse. We have an awesome system in which we get employees from all parts of the company to do separate jobs, which in whole, complete the mission of opening a new warehouse.”

Jinny has a system in which they are very detail orientated and have the data on everything from the last warehouse opening to the very first one so they share these notes in order to preplan their actions so all the hard work can be completed much faster and easier.

Eddie Jhin mentions, “ I am really looking forward to our LA operation, the OTC store owners in the West Coast region are very progressive thinkers and they want to learn in “how to grow” their business through any means. We will guide our Jinny company to do just that for them.”

The main goal for this new LA branch is one thing only, to GROW the BEAUTY MARKET for all the beauty related businesses!!!

In order to predict someone’s future, you must analysis that person’s or company’s past. Jinny’s past speak for itself.