idea_boxJinny Corp., the number one multicultural distributor in the world, is a company that is always trying to raise their standards to a higher level whenever possible, and they have recently made a new stride in this goal. In mid-August the company implemented a new “Idea Email Box” Outlook program where employees can personally submit their ideas for the betterment of the workplace to upper management via email.

Jinny Idea

“This idea could be something about management issues, company core policies and even new product development ideas,” explained Eddie Jhin, President. Jhin also expressed how he wants to see Jinny Corp. employees get more involved in the business, and this is one way to show how everyone’s opinion matters.

Additionally, there is a reward implementation to this program; if the company applies an employee’s idea, they will be able to work toward that goal personally, and will be rewarded accordingly. This program is in place at all Jinny branches nationwide.