The Jinny Memphis branch successfully thrives on a family culture

Officially opened on May 19, 2014, the Memphis, Tenn. branch of Jinny Beauty Supply became the company’s 9th distribution center nationally. Over the past year and a half of existence this location has grown in friendship and comradery with the rural community, harboring a hometown family feel among employees and customers. “We strive to keep a good relationship with customers and to have a strong team among ourselves,” explained Jeff Cho, Branch Manager. Implementing efficient programs to streamline customer satisfaction and trust, order efficiency and overall teamwork, this location is off to a great start!

Strategically, the geographical placement of this center is ideal on many accounts. For one, the market base for beauty supply distribution is prominent in this area as many small independent stores abound. There are at least 50 stores in the city of Memphis alone! Jinny saw this as a great opportunity and reached out to locations individually, gaining the support of the majority of these businesses.

Additionally, the city of Memphis is located at the border of three states: Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee. This is a great advantage as access to a larger market is easily achieved. Close range access to a wide array of customers also decreases delivery times and enables frequent personal visits with customer stores.

The procedure for servicing stores is also made efficient here. With a minimum delivery order set at $1,000, smaller stores do not need to worry with the pressure of making a substantial purchase each time. Delivery employees are trained to transport products inside stores – not simply leave pallets at the door. Simple acts of kindness like this are what set this Jinny location apart from the competition.

Accenting the kindness factor is the sampling process this warehouse implements. “Samples are given out to all customers. The warehouse creates mix and match boxes of varying items so customers can try different brands,” Cho explains. These combination sample boxes are included in each shipment, adding a little joy to the orders and boosting new item sales.

Jinny salesmen are constantly working to grow in product knowledge, and to pass that along to their fellow employees. One way this is achieved is through the labeling system on the warehouse shelves. Special tags are posted with each item that display product information, ensuring less mistakes and easy product education.

With a young and dynamic local employee base that is eager to learn about the industry, and strong ties that are strengthened by spending time together as a company family, this location is sure to continue growing in success and size over the years. By helping the surrounding community of Memphis and caring about the person behind the store, everyone feels like part of the family.