Enhancing Hair Art Designs with COLOR

The hot trend-art of filling in a hair pattern with colored pencils. Our pencils are specifically designed for tagging, tracing and filling in barber etchings with bold, bright color. It’s a temporary way to express yourself. The color washes out and the hair grows back.

Graff*Etch is growing as fast as tattoos!

Tagging, Tracing and Filling In Barber Etchings with Bold Bright Colors

The Original Barber Brand
– Barber Approved
– Industry Favorite

Original Colors: Red, White, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Light Blue & Black

BW Pack containing 4 Black / 4White pencils

Waterproof, Sweat Proof, Non Allergic, Blendable, Easily removes w/Shampoo, Built in Sharpener, PosterSpecially formulated for a newly shaved sensitive skin.

Original Colors

Original Colors

Black and White

Black and White

8 PC Pre-Pack