On Sunday, August 3rd Jinny Miami had a VIP Special International Tradeshow for their domestic and international top customers.

This was a successful and special event to which Jinny Miami invited only a certain amount of vendors and customers. It was a very different concept for a Jinny Tradeshow.

Ms. Lan Kim Wilkerson, International Sales Manager, stated, “We needed to support our international customers by hosting an event like this, and it all came together perfectly. We have accomplished our goal in servicing the needs of our international customers.”

Andy Son, Domestic Sales Manager, added, “We treat our domestic customers pretty much the same all year around, but I feel strongly that our company needs to support those customers who are very loyal to the company. This type of an event was the answer to those loyal customers. My ultimate goal is for my sales people to add more domestic customers whenever we do this special event again.”

Lastly, Eddie Jhin, Top Manager of Jinny United, closed with a speech after this event.  He stated, “Jinny has not had a tradeshow for almost two years now and I do not see us doing a Jinny Tradeshow in 2015 either. When Miami members wanted to have their own tradeshow, I initially turned them down, but when they mentioned that this event would be different than what we have done in the past I was convinced 100% and wanted to support them fully.”

He added, “Our company has a big impact on our industry and I am fully aware that most of our customers want Jinny to come back with our original tradeshow in 2015, but we need to redefine the true concept and the meaning of what my father originally created and invented.  Once we invent the new way to come up with the true meaning of a tradeshow, Jinny will announce it to all of our customers and vendors, and will once again have our tradeshows.”