To: VIP Jinny Customers,

As part of our continuing effort to help you increase your sales and profit for your OTC stores, our company is pleased to announce a new program “Cosmetic Access Program (CAP)” starting, April 1st of 2005.

In order to keep our OTC stores more competitive with the national chains, the ever increasing fuel prices and to meet any and all other distributors’ freight minimum amounts including our company’s freight minimum, Jinny Beauty Supply has worked out a program with UPS Ground Services to have a shipping Free Minimum of $350.00 for all the cosmetic brands (Open Stocks ONLY) that we carry under our roof (No Displays).

Our study and research have shown us that the Cosmetic category in our current OTC stores nationwide is one of the weakest areas in terms of brand selections, low inventory levels and basically not keeping up with the consumers’ demand.

This is one area that our OTC stores could largely benefit and increase your SALES in your particular store, if you take the advantage and use this “Cosmetic Access Program”.
Below are the lists of brands for the “Cosmetic Access Program”:

Aziza Cosmetic
Black Radiance Cosmetics
Jordache Cosmetics
Milani Cosmetics
Posner Cosmetics
Rich On Cosmetics
Black Opal Cosmetics
Joie Kollection Cosmetics
Maxi Cosmetics
NYX Cosmetics
Profound Cosmetics


Jinny Beauty Supply Co.