May 16, 2010, First Trade Show of Jinny Los Angeles at Los Angeles Convention Center and Dinner event at Wilshire Plaza Hotel at 7:00 pm.

Thank you for coming to the Jinny Los Angeles trade show and to this dinner event. My name is Eddie Jhin. I will try to make this speech short and sweet but it might be little long so please bear with me.

Finally, we have made it here to this West Coast market and I am very fortunate that our business has expanded over the years and we have been growing every year since my father opened his first warehouse in Belmont, Chicago in 1981. The amazing thing is that our company has been growing for the last 28 straight years without falling short a single year!

Our success is largely due to our vendors, the thousands of customers who have supported us in the past and our current Jinny staff members that have done so much for this company! They have worked so hard once again in L.A. and I am very proud to be their top manager.

I am fully aware that this new market will bring challenges and many new barriers that we must overcome. We will do our best in our ability to make things run the best way possible but it will take time!

One thing that I realize more and more that I have written in my OTC Magazine as well is that I view my vendors and manufacturers as my key source for success. I am sure you have heard this speech from your customers a thousand times but I realize this now more than ever before and I really mean this.
Our goal and mission for Jinny Beauty Supply is to build the best logistical warehouses located all over the country nine of them to be exact in order to deliver to any single store or distribution center in the country the very next day with a full inventory selection and no out of stocks. We currently have five warehouses and we have four more to go for the future. At the end of the day, we simply want to be the best delivery specialist who brings any product from point A to point B the most efficient way possible.

I only have one simple request from my vendors and it’s to build a good communication line between one another! I want us you, me and my people to work together to be able to compromise on issues and matters that are important for our companies and for the industry.

If I can give my simple advice to our vendors in this industry, remember that it’s not such a bad thing to view things outside our normal business scenario! We need to think outside this box that we have all somewhat trapped ourselves in. So I say to you my fellow vendors, reps and brokers, Don’t be afraid!

We view ourselves to be a different breed of an animal compared to any one now and in the past. You shall witness yourself that the more we do with you, you become that much more important to our company and we will value your business much more than you will. No one is in control of you or this industry except yourself and your own destiny.

Jinny’s desire in the future is to build our industry to be bigger than what it is today.

So this year 2010, the near future and years down the road, I promise you, we will work much harder and faster than ever before in making this desire come true.

Thank you once again,

Eddie Jhin
Jinny United  Top Manager