Consumer Focus Poster Program

We select and promote the very best products that are available through your store along with effective advertising and marketing.

This promotion was developed and run by Jinny Beauty Supply and The Atlanta Beauty Supply Association Chapter in 2002. The ultimate goal of Jinny Beauty Supply and ABSAC was to select and promote the best products through our customers along with effective advertising and marketing. This method of promotion provided our retail customers with the marketing and advertising tools needed to sell the products to the consumer and user. The program’s success benefited both ABSAC and our customers, and the effort strengthened the structure and success of ABSAC in 2002.

Consequently, this year, we are very happy to be able to expand the promotion and it’s benefits to all of our our customers. We strongly recommend that you plan to participate in this program for the remainder of this year and take advantage of the increased sales and profits it will bring to your store.


  1. The customer needs to purchase a minimum of 1 case of each Beauty Supply item, and 3 pieces of each General Merchandise item offered in the promotion.
  2. The promotional period is from _______ to _______.
  3. Jinny Beauty Supply will provide 2 large, wall size color posters (28”x 42”), customized with each store name, address and phone number listed along the top and 100 copies of (8” x 11”) flyers with the same layout.
  4. Retail SALE prices will be aggressive and will reflect very low wholesale prices to the stores. Retail sale prices can’t be changed, however the wholesale purchasing price could be adjusted depending on the amount purchased.

For more information about the promotional program and to become a part of this new and exciting program, please feel free to contact your Jinny Beauty Supply sales representative.